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Live Ball by Tamara Adelman

There is no “love” in live ball, and the noncumulative scoring gave me the sensation of turning over a new leaf after each “challenge,” which is what the live ball games were called. Like doubles without serving—a pro put the ball into play—there were up to seven of us on the court, but only four […]

LITERARY ORPHANS ISSUE 30: Letter From the Editor

Dear Orphans & Orphanettes, The act of writing takes patience. It takes dedication, quietness of the mind, and an innate ability to create rhythm and voice on a blank canvas. Before one can even begin to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), the act of writing demands an indeterminate length of time where the […]

Little Warrior Brother by Gabe Keith [Excerpt]

Little Warrior Brother by Gabe Keith is available on Amazon in both print and digital format. Her paws scrape against the road’s surface as she slowly hobbles up to the back end of my post. My bunkered position rises from the middle of the road in a half-assed tower of stacked sandbags on top of […]

LITERARY ORPHANS ISSUE 29: Letter From the Editor

Dear Orphans & Orphanettes, As you may have noticed, Literary Orphans has two “orphans” this month. We originally thought about dedicating an issue to Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, but the more we talked about it, the more we realized that you can’t mention one of these orphans without bringing up the other. Apart, each of these orphans makes for an interesting […]

The Phantom by Rachel Toliver

I trace out his mask in math class, lingering over its asymmetry. I add an engorged and lurid-looking rose. I write the word Phantom, in my best Broadway script. At home, in my room, alone, I stroke the playbill’s satin cover. It’s not a crush—not exactly. It’s not like I write I heart Phantom on […]

Sparrow’s Last Flight by Ronlyn Domingue

They reveal themselves to me, the sick and injured and nearly dead. Their little bodies punctured, broken, stunned. Sometimes, they bear no wounds or signs, but their surrender to my hands is confirmation that all is not well. The impulse to leave them alone isn’t nearly as strong as the wrench of compassion. What some […]

Fragile by Karen Stefano

The text comes on Saturday, the first of the month, the day before my ex-husband’s birthday. Hey. Hope you’re well. Am at storage unit. Do you want the box of Xmas ornaments? A year ago, shortly after I had moved out, my ex had been at that storage unit often. He had texted, left voicemails. […]

The Trials of the Father by Robert Detman

(ONE) The miracles regarding his daughter, as he considers them, do not seem miraculous to everyone, and this is puzzling. Such as, her obvious jealousy of other children, in a look of betrayal hinting at unlearned contempt; that she runs to him unbidden, joyfully, the only being he will ever care for as he does; […]

Birthing Twins by Joanna Kadish

Having a C-section unmoored me, sent me reeling. Weakened by the physical necessities of birth, the raw, barbaric blood and ooze, the hurt where the staples nailed my stomach together, I found it physically difficult to care for my newborn twins, although I did what I had to do. I shudder at the memory of […]