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STRUMMER – Letter from the Editor – ISSUE18

Dear Orphans & Orphanettes, Three years, 18 issues, and now I’m out. Today I step down as Editor-in-Chief of Literary Orphans Journal, and pass the highlighter on to Mr. Scott Waldyn. Scott’s got what it takes, after co-founding the journal and serving as Managing Editor for three years–he’s going to build on what is there and take […]

New Editor-in-Chief: Scott Waldyn (June 2015)

Hello Orphanettes and Orphanismos— I’d like to announce that Scott Waldyn–our current Managing Editor, Deputy Director, and co-founder of Literary Orphans Press (LOP) will be taking over the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) duties, in two issues. Scott is coming into this role with previous Editor-in-Chief experience of a print newspaper, and currently is employed as the Senior Copy […]

Letter from the Editor 16, The Police Belong to Me

Orphan, Last night, a not-so-grand jury decided it wasn’t worth it to indict the great hero cop Darren Wilson, the Ferguson officer who shot and killed an unarmed eighteen year old named Michael Brown. Last week, a twelve year old kid with a toy gun was shot to death in Cleveland by an officer of the law. Last week an unarmed […]


Literary Orphans Journal is very proud to announce our Pushcart nominations for the 2015 edition! Zoe Zolbrod – Why go to Pittsburgh Danny Gardner – Forever. In an Instant. Ashley C. Ford – The Significance of Skin Anna March – What’s in a Name? (A Biography of Sorts) Emer Martin – The Hag Brings the Kerry […]

Letter from the Editor 15

Dear Orphans & Orphanettes, Lately I’ve been thinking about two things. The first, is how amazing this latest issue is–featuring the FINAL column Anna March is conducting of Foundlings, and man did she go out with a bang. The second thing I’ve been thinking, is how the inventor of the modern American mall–the altar of of our […]

Letter from the Editor 14

Dear Orphans & Orphanettes, Last issue, number 13, we broke all records we had previously set. On our two-year anniversary, we broke them soundly. Our readership shot through the roof, we surpassed the hits of other journals we have been gunning to meet since our foundation, and we’re here again two months later to pat […]

Letter 13 from the Editor Editor-in-Chief, Mike Joyce

Dear Orphans & Orphanettes, I believe in moments. Moments so electric that they transform the lives of those who experience them. I believe in staking your faith.  In a world of pinballs ricocheting off iPhone springs and anorexic magazines, those brave enough to take a bite on State St. and show their teeth to the world mean everything. I believe […]