Best of Literary Orphans, Year One Anthology [SELECTIONS]

Dear reader,
This has been one of the hardest things. And here I thought editing and choosing between the great pieces submitted to us was hard enough.
The Managing Editor, Scott Waldyn and myself, have selected 85 stories and poems from the first year of our publication to the present in the Best of LO, Year 1 Anthology. With the help of a community poll, we chose from pieces ranging from ISSUE01: Babe Ruth, to ISSUE09: Bo Diddley. Over this amount of time, we’ve published a dizzying array of wonderful writers. I am the personification of humility. If I could print every story that we ever published in this issue, I would. However, the cost of the final product, and the cost of production, makes this an unfortunate impossibility.



Before you look at the list below, please know I’d like to announce some disclaimers. I am just beginning to contact these selections and make sure they are one board with the project. So please know that these selections may change should someone not wish to be part of the anthology. Also, I would like you all to know that every piece we’ve ever published, and every artist we’ve ever published (in the first year), will be listed in the back of this book.

Regarding Artistic Design. Artist-in-Residence, Doriana Maria, has selected a modern, urban tarot design. For those of you who may not know much about tarot cards, they are divided into the major arcana and the minor arcana. Card 0, known as “the fool” or the “madman,” is said to traverse through each of the cards in an attempt to gain enlightenment. For the Year 1 Anthology, we will be featuring a 5 card spread, and each piece will be thematically linked to one of the cards in a type of sub-chapter. In addition, it is our ambition (though we may fail) to provide visual interest on every page. We want the reader to feel a sense that they are in an urban LO world of lost nostalgia; the world we tried to invoke when we were nothing, a nobody surrounded by giants, and we wrote our To Live How We Believe manifesto. Please stay tuned, as we will be posting updates as the project progresses!

The reason for this anthology, besides to honor some of our stories, is also to raise money. We are setting our cross-hairs on starting a press of our own. Not a press in the sense of self-publishing via Lulu or CreateSpace (though the first edition of this book will be created with a self-publishing platform), but to buy our own printing press. We want the means of production, and we want to be more than our day jobs. We want you to share this challenge with us, and we want to be your voice as a reader.

Thank you all, for your contributions over the past nearly two years.

In solidarity,
Mike Joyce

Snoopy Time by Meg Tuite
No Parking by Tom Pitts
This For That by Ayana Edwards
Toy Story by Joe Mills
Liberty, Ohio by Christopher Lettera
A Timeless Man by Ben Spencer
Not Lost by Mike Monson
“Don’t Waste Wine…” & 2 Micro Fictions by Vallie Lynn Watson
The Restoration of a Dead Philosophy by Soren A. Gauger 
One by Len Kuntz
Dent by Claire Podulka
The Electric Level by Joseph Dante
The Bite by Deborah Nedelman
Things I Learned but No Longer Believe + 2 by Bill Yarrow
Two Micro Pieces by Meg Pokrass
Whiskey Writer by Rasmenia Massoud
Corbin’s Dreams Take Flight by CS DeWildt
Between a Burn and a Shiver by Abigail Amabisca
Tim Riggins Would’ve Smoked by Leesa Cross-Smith
Reactor by John Keating
Like a Rocket by Jenny Fosket
Herr Erben, 40 Jahre nach dem Krieg by Barry Basden
Time and Space by Matthew Vernon Whalan
Days We Give Up Granddad by Graham Tugwell
Promoted to Glory by Kori Hensell
Pocket Change by Ed Komenda
Never of Love by Judy Hall
Tabasco by Mark O’Connell
Her Dragons and Dolls and The Holy by Kenny Mooney
Bucket List by Misti Rainwater-Lites
Requiem for piano by Nancy Stohlman
Three Prose Poems by Amanda Deo
Jody Thompson – Shoebox
Dr. Dorene Wiese (White Wing Woman) – Two Poems
Janet Rogers – Three Day Road
Whitney Chavez – Black Native (Red Black Revolution)
Gessy Alvarez – Sex for the Living
Madiha Khan (Mia Kaling) – the prairies
Hunting MILFs – Matthew Dexter
Shannon Barber – My Life is No Minstrel Show
Laura Bogart – Peep Show
h. l. nelson – Martyr Complex
Kathryn M. Barber – Fruit Jars
Shauna Osborn – Tom Robbins And The Film Covered Penis
Interview with Joe Clifford, 9.30.2012
Arrangements by Joel Kopplin
What Do We Do With The Silence? by Cheryl Anne Gardner
Old Man’s Trouble by James Claffey
House of Vivisection by Peter Marra
Bite Down by Emma L. Briant
The Bagpipe Refrain by Robert Vaughan
Dark Tricks by Lorenzo Poricelli
Nora’s RV by Stephen V. Ramey
The Year of Good Fortune by Kurt Kamin
Leviathan by Scott Waldyn
leftovers/the ones who came before by Anna March
Salamander/Scarbo by Eli Wallis (Aloysius Bertrand)
The Meeting Ran Long by Eric Blanchard
Michael Dwayne Smith – L.A. Three Ways
Justin Langford – Days in Wake
River City Horrorcore by Jonathan Scott
A Kleptography by Erika D. Price
Bill Wetzel – In Confidence
The Cause by Ken Poyner
T. L. Sherwood – Things Left Unspoken
My Left-handed Cousin by Kyle Hemmings
Reconciled by Gale Acuff
Riding Shotgun by Wanda Morrow Clevenger
Homunculus by John Duncan Talbird
The Professor Spends the Night by Joseph Pascale
Still Ill by Garrett Crowe
The Story of the Sisters Good and Bad by Amarie Fox
You Can’t Decide Which by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz 
Kick by Jen Conley
The Zombie Apocalypse Will Be Televised? by Matthew Burnside
Megan Beals – Ahuizotle Learns to Fish
Tara Abrahams – Creation Myth
Smile by Ruth Madievsky
It Wasn’t Supposed to Snow by Linda Niehoff
Happy New Year by Robin Bullard
A Backyard Sanctuary by Ted Gogoll
Hand to Mouth by Gill Hoffs
Two Poems by Ryan Boyd
Side Effects May Include by Arielle Baer