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Do You Still Play With Dolls? by Julia Strayer

Because I’d have done anything to get out of holding the light for my father when he peered into the engine–unbolting, ungasketing, unfanbelting. Smelling of oil and grease and sweat. Talking about clamps and wrenches and oxygen-gasoline mixtures. I ran inside, claiming the need for a bathroom, a snack and a drink, and when the […]

LITERARY ORPHANS ISSUE 26: Letter From The Editor

Dear Orphans & Orphanettes, The best moments in time are solidified by music. Wherever we are, it’s always surrounding us, impacting the big (and little) events of our lives. Whether it’s the muzak lulling us to sleep in the elevator or the classic tune in the bar the night we make one decision that will […]

Mind Canyon (Mind Cañon) by Edward Nugent

Though it is early, the sun is intense and promises a withering day ahead. I swing my hydration pack onto my shoulders, adjust the drinking tube, and take a swallow from the bite valve. Picking a path through what appears to be widely spaced chaparral should be easy, but there is actually little open space […]