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Extinction by Alex Schumacher

Alex Schumacher has toiled away in the relative obscurity of minimum-wage jobs and underground comics longer than he cares to admit. Currently he produces the weekly illustrated feature Decades of (in)Experience for Antix Press, the bi-weekly column Bread Crumbs from the Void for Five 2 One Magazine, and the monthly comic strip Mr. Butterchips for […]

Images of Imphal: August, 2015 by Debarun Sarkar

I – Streets The deserted streets: let them not be filled as they once were. Bodies, alive and living in Imphal, live like dead bodies, as you would have said. The backyard gardens, don’t let them be beautiful. Dump the garbage there rather than venturing on the street to dispose. Garbage collection people don’t come […]

An Imaginary Feast by Sarah Weaver

Heat Faith and I lay side by side in our shared full-size bed, blankets and sheets discarded in a heap at the end, a sticky sheen of sweat on our skin. We raised our nylon nightgowns to our chins but found no helpful cooling breeze. We had no air-conditioning that humid Louisiana summer and the […]