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Fragile by Karen Stefano

The text comes on Saturday, the first of the month, the day before my ex-husband’s birthday. Hey. Hope you’re well. Am at storage unit. Do you want the box of Xmas ornaments? A year ago, shortly after I had moved out, my ex had been at that storage unit often. He had texted, left voicemails. […]

2015 Top Ten: Series Three: Meg Tuite

Dear Reader, It’s been brought to our attention that you’re interested in Top Ten lists. At Literary Orphans, we know all about gathering meaningful things into favorite, little bunches. You’re cool, dear reader…dedicated, even. You’re sentimental, and we like that. These lovely adjectives are the reason why you spend time with us during such pressing winter months. Below is the third […]

Letter From the Editor: Issue 23

February is a month of reconvening. It’s a month of assessment and looking through our stockpile. Did we survive the winter? Do we have enough on hand for that last storm system that’ll billow down from the arctic?  February is also a month devoted to love. It’s a month where we take stock of the […]