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T.L. Sherwood Interviews Susan Tepper

It’s exciting to have your work nominated for honors, and it’s even better when you’re genuinely rooting for your competition to win even if you don’t. It’s like having two horses in the race for the price of a single bet. And while there are no sure things in the racing world, I bet you’ll […]

2015 Top Ten: Series Two: Beth Gilstrap

Dear Reader, It’s been brought to our attention that you’re interested in Top Ten lists. At Literary Orphans, we know all about gathering meaningful things into favorite, little bunches. You’re cool, dear reader…dedicated, even. You’re sentimental, and we like that. These lovely adjectives are the reason why you spend time with us during such pressing winter months. Below is the second […]

The Trials of the Father by Robert Detman

(ONE) The miracles regarding his daughter, as he considers them, do not seem miraculous to everyone, and this is puzzling. Such as, her obvious jealousy of other children, in a look of betrayal hinting at unlearned contempt; that she runs to him unbidden, joyfully, the only being he will ever care for as he does; […]

My Body by Lisa Kastner

He wasn’t sure if I could have children. He feared what happened as I grew. I was ten years old. “If you have abdominal pains go to the clinic,” the doctor said. “Just to be safe.” He was one of four doctors who had performed the surgeries. A year prior I had been wheeled into […]