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T.L. Sherwood Interviews Christopher D. DiCicco

Christopher D. DiCicco’s story, “In Your Father’s Backyard” was first published in Literary Orphans. It is included in his recently released collection, So My Mother, She Lives in the Clouds. T.L. Sherwood: I’ve read that you are a teacher. What grade? Which subjects? Christopher D. DiCicco: I’ve recently become the Dept. Chairperson of English (way […]

2015 Top Ten: Series One: “Top Ten Days of 2015 on 173rd Street” (Bud Smith)

Dear Reader, It’s been brought to our attention that you’re interested in Top Ten lists. At Literary Orphans, we know all about gathering meaningful things into favorite, little bunches. You’re cool, dear reader…dedicated, even. You’re sentimental, and we like that. These lovely adjectives are the reason why you spend time with us during such pressing winter months. Below is the […]

Birthing Twins by Joanna Kadish

Having a C-section unmoored me, sent me reeling. Weakened by the physical necessities of birth, the raw, barbaric blood and ooze, the hurt where the staples nailed my stomach together, I found it physically difficult to care for my newborn twins, although I did what I had to do. I shudder at the memory of […]

So…How Does it All End? And What Should I Bring? By Ray Nessly

I’ve been thinking about endings lately, about how stories, songs and films are brought to satisfying ends by their creators. In particular, I’ve been thinking about the Great Big Ending. I can’t speak for others, but as for the end of life, skirting the issue as if corralling a dangerous critter is the only way […]

LITERARY ORPHANS ISSUE 22: Letter From The Editor

Dear Orphans & Orphanettes, Winter is coming. A heavy saturation of clouds block out the sun. Our daily canvas of darkness arrives earlier in the evening and lingers later in the morning. The frosty winds of death billow from the north, clenching all that is lush and fertile until it turns a crisp, desiccated brown. […]

The Fiddleback Archives: NOW LIVE

In February, 2014, I was in contact with Jeff Simpson, the Founder and Editor of THE FIDDLEBACK with an idea. An idea that was hatched while Scott Waldyn and I were discussing the Literary Orphans namesake. After watching a slew of literary journals go offline, and how in many cases the writing on those sites […]