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Teri Lee Kline Interviews Dena Rash Guzman

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.” – William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream Spending three days in Portland, Oregon with Poet Dena Rash Guzman was a study in passion, dichotomy, and beauty. More than one of her friends with whom I spoke defined her as fierce. I chose the title for this interview, “Though […]

Never Enough Air by Sarah Sandman

My father has been trying to die for more than six weeks. The active stage of dying for him means air hunger and mental distortion. It means trying to control the minute details of his tray table, and succumbing to a morphine-induced sleep. It means not enough air–never enough air. My mother said the nurse […]

Mike Joyce Interviews Danny Gardner

I met Danny Gardner when he submitted an essay to Literary Orphans—I was blown away. The piece was longer than usual, but it was mesmerizing. Danny explored the love, loss, friction, faith, the everything between a father and a son. Take a minute to read it here: (“Forever. In an Instant.“) if you enjoy this article. […]