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Daughter of the Universe by Amanda Montell

I don’t know if there were other kids. So far no one I’ve asked has confirmed. I’ll probably never be sure if on different days or in different cities, other sixth graders were tracing my footsteps at the public library. Nervously shuffling past the popular reads—Harry Potter, A Wrinkle In Time—toward a dustier shelf of […]

Babes in Toyland: Riotous, but Not Grrrls by Alison Ross

I arrived very late to the raucous riot grrrl party. Not fashionably late, but mortifyingly late. Like, so late that everyone had a hangover already, and were sleeping in for years to come. But then, something happened. The party picked up again. The riot grrrl festivities, in all their gritty anti-glamor, have revived in recent […]

Scott Waldyn Interviews Bud Smith And Brian Alan Ellis

Hot off the press TODAY, authors Brian Alan Ellis and Bud Smith debut a literary concoction born of unholy union. Tables without Chairs #1 features work from both writers, as well as art from Waylon Thornton. It can be found at AMAZON. Tell me about Table without Chairs #1. How was it born? Where did it […]

LITERARY ORPHANS ISSUE 20: Letter From The Editor

Dear Orphans & Orphanettes, It’s human to meet difference in the eyes and fear it. It’s human to clutter together and mold ourselves into a uniform same-ness, to survive and thrive by blending in with each other and squeaking by unnoticed. The rules of the world around us are seemingly set in stone, having been […]