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Katie Perttunen Interviews Stacy Wakefield

Editor’s Note: Literary Orphans Poetry Editor Katie Perttunen had the opportunity to chat with Stacy Wakefield, author and former press and zine editor, about her newly released book and the communal culture around squatting.   Stacy Wakefield’s new book, The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory from Akashic Books, is about a young punk grrrl named Sid who moves to […]

‘Mad Men’ Eulogies: Don Draper by Kurt Baumeister [REPRINT]

Editor’s Note: I first read this piece by Kurt Baumeister over at The Weeklings, and I found myself mesmerized. It was such a moving and beautiful piece, one that embodied a much deeper reading of media, pop culture, and art than we usually see on the Internet. It’s the kind of reading that intertwines history, […]

ISSUE 19: Letter From The Editor

Dear Orphans & Orphanettes, When Executive Director Mike Joyce asked me to steer the Literary Orphans ship, I’ll admit, a sense of worry washed over me. Apocalyptic visions of cities crumbling to their foundations rattled me. I had memories of movies I had seen where all that stood of civilization was a weathered Big Ben […]

Jimmy by Tom Vollman

I was on a park bench with my wife and son when the news arrived. Jimmy had been murdered in a desert worlds away. My son was lost in his first-ever root beer float, and I felt something inside me shatter–something small but suddenly desperately important–something I didn’t know I needed, but now could barely […]