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A Night Of Art And Anti-Art by Jane Eaton Hamilton

A woman with a perpetual smile said, “What is your name?” “Tiara,” said a second woman. She had red hair and a large jaw. “So you’re a princess?” “Yes,” said the second woman. “I wear myself out.” Later, under the Cambie Street bridge at Spyglass Place, there was an old piano sitting on the seawall […]

T.L. Sherwood Reviews ‘Muscle Cars’ by Stephen G. Eoannou

More than you’d think possible, letters get printed in The Buffalo News about the kindness they encountered when they visited the city. Sure, it’s in the rust belt and has mountains of snow in the winter, but to me, it’s a no-brainer that the people who live here are not only tough, but possess a […]

To Feel Human Again: An Interview With Laurance Friend, AKA Nobody Important

Literary Orphans (Executive Director Mike Joyce): We were first introduced when you submitted a flash fiction piece under the name Laramore Black, but lately your focus seems to be on completely different things under another name. Who are you, and how would you explain this to someone new? Nobody Important: Laurance Mikeal Lee Charles Friend […]

Fourteen by Jessica Lindsley

The table is a door with a handle, brass plating worn away with the patience of hands — hands create an erosion of leaving, I am done in this room, give me another — and the recessed panels create bowls to cradle the pulsing guts and the summer warm blood of the fish as I […]