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Scott Waldyn Reviews ‘Death in the Pines’ by Thom Hartmann

Oakley Tyler is a former private detective who just wants to enjoy his retirement in the sleepy backwoods of Vermont. He’s found himself an isolated cabin with little to no utilities (no electricity, no plumbing, etc.), and it’s so isolated, he has to boil clumps of snow if he’s looking for clean water. But it […]

Folding Tissue Paper: The Significance of Fragility in Allegra Frazier’s “Funerals I Have Been To”

How soft, how heavy, are grey clouds on the eyes? Picture anatomy in focus: the soft embrace of organs to blood. Imagine the allure of comprehension to the mind, watery and luminescent—necessary. Address the rhetoric of grappling heartbeats, what they miss in solitude, in remembrance. Allegra Frazier’s composition, “Funerals I Have Been To,” coaxes a […]