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Original Poetry: Affectious (Nocxion, Seasonal)

EQUINOX I: Nineteen winters and snowy smoke tapped tumors on my sweater–   dormant in this while.   EQUINOX II: Trees chipped in slug baths as you gathered ratio bits of autumn into   round discs on the lawn.   Yesterday’s dissected gourds (yours) mouthed squishy, silver obscenities at me   from the front porch. […]

The Country Estate by Stephanie Couey

The “Country Estate” is my home for five months.  I move in a few days after opening the lid of my then roommate’s white Cuisinart rice cooker, and having my face engulfed in a buzzing red swarm of fruit flies.  We fight about it.  I’m not even sure why. My then-boyfriend, a jack-Mormon, picks me […]

2014 Year End Top Ten: Kurt Baumeister & Len Kuntz

Ten of My Favorite Cultural/Literary/Political Journals/Magazines/Websites by Kurt Baumeister A graduate of Emerson’s MFA program, Kurt Baumeister’s debut novel, Pax Americana, is forthcoming.  A satirical thriller, the first in a trilogy, Pax Americana is set in the near future at the nexus of technology, politics, and religion. Currently at work on his second novel, a […]

My Life, Basically by Claire Kopetsky

My brother John is three years older than me. We used to run around the house naked, slide down the stairs in the laundry basket, and watch Saturday morning cartoons together. My dad was the first of four.  He went to college and became a pharmacist.  He always says that every Friday when he was […]

Matthew Burnside – Top Ten Things (That Distracted Me from Writing in 2014)

Dear reader, below you will find the third installment of our year-end series, 2014 Year End Top Ten. These are simple lists by writers and editors Literary Orphans Journal has a respect for, meant to draw attention to notable work of the past year, with a special emphasis on the underground writing/music/art/film/everything scene! We will be posting these lists […]

New Editor-in-Chief: Scott Waldyn (June 2015)

Hello Orphanettes and Orphanismos— I’d like to announce that Scott Waldyn–our current Managing Editor, Deputy Director, and co-founder of Literary Orphans Press (LOP) will be taking over the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) duties, in two issues. Scott is coming into this role with previous Editor-in-Chief experience of a print newspaper, and currently is employed as the Senior Copy […]