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Females as Monster Enablers (Two): (In Kathe Koja’s “Skin”) by Brittany Warren

“You spoke of art, but photographed in epitaphs. I obtained you in original plastic, my genuine flesh-and-bite blend of womanly theory and struggle. Forever, still, your motive is most beautiful.” Worms originate in Fallopia, each engaged one (times) one. Sometimes singular nouns are divided into deconstructed plurals. One worm elegantly smears the innards of an […]

Females as Monster Enablers (One): (In Charlee Jacob’s “This Symbiotic Fascination”)

Editor’s Introduction Dear Orphans, I know what you’re thinking. Literary Orphans Journal, doing a lit crit column!? You bet. Underneath the Algrenian slang and broken sentences, through the sharp ticky-tack of the Royko snark, and the punk rawk ethos that shies away from Ivory Towerism–there lies a foundation of literary criticism. Theory applied to short […]