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Letter from the Editor 15

Dear Orphans & Orphanettes, Lately I’ve been thinking about two things. The first, is how amazing this latest issue is–featuring the FINAL column Anna March is conducting of Foundlings, and man did she go out with a bang. The second thing I’ve been thinking, is how the inventor of the modern American mall–the altar of of our […]

Forever. In an Instant. by Danny Gardner

It had the sound of cracking glass, which left my brothers and I shaking our heads. He usually broke things, occasionally out of anger, but mostly because his six foot-two, two hundred twenty-five pound frame just wouldn’t fit in our small house. It struck loud enough to outdo my chewing as I enjoyed a verboten […]

Interview with Nathaniel Tower, Editor & Founder of Bartleby Snopes

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing author/editor/all-around interesting guy Nathaniel Tower. As a publications student, I wanted to obtain advice from a seasoned pro, aiming to share that knowledge with other aspiring publishers and literary friends in general. Nathaniel Tower is the founding and managing editor of Bartleby Snopes Literary Magazine and Press ( […]

Tantra Bensko Reviews: Green Lights by Kyle Muntz

Muntz’ style differs from book to book while consistently remaining profoundly pleasing. Green Lights creates a youthful, straightforward narrator’s personality not just by an easily analyzed behavior of the character but by how he speaks to us. The sentence construction embeds us inside a unique sense of the world that could not be paraphrased. The […]