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A Conversation with Tara Abrahams (conducted by Laura Rojas)

Nineteen year old Tara Abrahams is a student and a writer. Currently entering her third year at the University of Toronto for English and Philosophy, her writing resonates with the vulnerability of young adulthood. The two of us met at Canzine, a city wide celebration of zine culture and independent arts hosted yearly in Toronto by […]

Letter from the Editor 14

Dear Orphans & Orphanettes, Last issue, number 13, we broke all records we had previously set. On our two-year anniversary, we broke them soundly. Our readership shot through the roof, we surpassed the hits of other journals we have been gunning to meet since our foundation, and we’re here again two months later to pat […]

Come Out and Play: A Conversation with xTx

Dear Orphans, In the following interview, LO had the great pleasure to talk to the inspiring xTx–we talked about baked goods, Roxane Gay,  Neutral Milk Hotel, book covers, and her upcoming novel. Without further ado (we’ll leave the blabbing to the end), read on! 1. If your writing style was a bakery good, what kind of bakery […]

A Conversation with Author Jay Shearer

This is the Editor-in-Chief of The Literary Orphans Journal, Mike Joyce. I recently had the opportunity to have a conversation with author of the Cairn Press book FIVE HUNDRED SIRENS, and Chicago inhabitant Jay Shearer. I ran into Jay at AWP 2014 in Seattle in that awful February, while stopping by the Cairn Press booth to talk […]

A Piece of Cake by Jessica Groenendijk

“It’s uta,” Frank said. He slumped into a chair and sighed. Such an innocent, little word. Yet one every researcher who sets foot in the Peruvian rainforest dreads to hear. We looked with dismay at the ulcer on his wrist. It had refused to heal despite weeks of cleansing and sticking on fresh plasters. In […]

Central Washington State On Five Dollars A Day by Ray Nessly

The tailfins of our ’57 Plymouth Fury dip and rock from the stress: Three boys—say no more?—jumping into the car. And Dad, loading suitcases into the trunk, working them around the steel cooler heavy with Cokes, root beers, ice. He slams the trunk lid down like a TV wrestler, Dad in funny mask pinning a […]