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Seamus Scanlon: An Interview

Dear Reader, I first heard about Seamus at AWP2014, in Seattle, WA. Artist-and-Residence, Doriana and myself had just wandered up to former contributor, Jody Thompson’s booth at the bookfair. She was staffing the Cairn Press booth. After spending the day making our way to every table we could, arms laden with multiple bags of bought […]

Pig and Potatoes by Gill Hoffs

In January 1854 Ireland was still, by and large, a hungry place.  The potato blight that turned tubers to mush as grey as the skeletons cluttering the dirt track roads had sent many of the famine Irish abroad, some as close as England, others round the world.  Though the worst was over with, the fields […]

All Apocalypses, Bitter and Sweet by René Ostberg

All Apocalypses, Bitter and Sweet   I A woman who keeps bees is a woman I’d like to know. I think she’d be able to tell me a lot about the secrets of surviving this world. For starters, how to disregard the stings and cultivate the sweetness of life. I wouldn’t mind also taking a […]

Rain from the Dublin Bus by Anne Sand

Cloudburst and steady downpour now for days.             Still mammal, straw-footed on the mud, he begins to sense the weather by his skin.                                     – Seamus Heaney    The slate-bellied clouds that had rolled high over the Welsh coast, after seventy miles of open ocean, settled low and pale over Dublin, wrapping the city in […]