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Write Because You Have To: a Conversation with Gill Hoffs

Gill Hoffs was in the very first issue of The Literary Orphans Journal, and I could not be prouder of her many recent successes as I follow them, one by one, in the numerous newspaper articles appearing across the Atlantic. After publishing her collection of brilliant, thought-provoking fiction (mostly) pieces called Wild: a collection, and published by Pure […]

Write to Explore: a Conversation with Kyle Muntz

Writer. Gamer. Creator. Author Kyle Muntz is all of these things and more, gazing out into the world of creativity, the shimmering pool of ideas and ingenuity, and submerging himself deeply. A curious mind always hunting for fresh ways to analyze his surroundings, he roots himself into these diverse modes of storytelling, taking inspiration and […]

Letter 11 from the Editor Editor-in-Chief, Mike Joyce

Dear Widows & Orphans, Why are you here? Not to be a phony,  a writer who writes only their own. Are we not orphans together? Not to be a reader, who reads only Big Publishing House IV. Are we not orphans together? Not to be lost in a post-Rand utopia, with a big-smile with a […]

Potty by Mel S.

A nagging urgency wakes Sissy from her dreamless slumber. She feels restless, like she’s left the gas on, but she checked the pilot lights before bed like she always did. She decides to slip downstairs for a cool drink of water. Might as well get up. I won’t be able to sleep until I figure […]

Mother’s Day by John Burgman

MOTHER’S DAY Behind one man’s extraordinary defection from North Korea was one extraordinary woman. By John Burgman Not long ago, I met my friend Joseph for coffee at a sandwich shop on Jongro, one of Seoul’s busiest thoroughfares. Joseph is originally from North Korea, but he had carved out a nice life for himself in […]