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HUSTLE, by Tom Pitts: A Book Review by Editor Mike Joyce

I had the great honor to get an advance copy of Tom Pitts upcoming novel, HUSTLE, due out on April 1st by Snubnose Press. Below is my review of this hard-hitting book. You can check out his Amazon page to see past novels, and to purchase the book when it launches on April Fool’s Day. […]

Tucson Poetry Festival: Interview with Ander Monson and Matthew Conley

Dear readers, we had the wonderful opportunity to speak with President Ander Monson (founder/editor of DIAGRAM) and Executive Director Matthew Conley (Poet-in-Residence of the University of Arizona), regarding the Tucson Poetry Festival, which is a festival that’s been running since 1981 in Tucson, Arizona. Having featured such wonders as Allen Ginsberg, Joy Harjo, and Simon Ortiz in the […]

Valentine’s Day Moussaka by Anna Susay-Duffy

VALENTINE’S DAY MOUSSAKA I won’t be stuck in lab jars to be spread around the country dammit, even knowing of science’s lust to probe the likes of me in its quest for a cure! No, the answer’s been decided on all that’s wholey–that it’s hard enough Alive trying to keep it all together. Surely I’m […]