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ISSUE 09: Letter from the Editor

Dear, benevolent, smart, good-looking readers, I come before you now not as your Editor-in-Chief, but as a lover of rock-and-roll. The electric waves spawned by the first rockers destroyed everything that had come before it. In one move, the original innovators shirked off a world of classical music and classical groupthink. I am not going […]

Tiffany Hearsey – Dancing on the Edge of Difference

João Paulo Lima experiments new dance moves with Croi Glan at the Firkin Crane centre in Cork, Ireland. Lima is a Brazilian dancer who is currently studying integrated dance in both the UK and Ireland so that he can bring back what he has learned to Brazil and develop his own classes.   “The disability doesn’t define […]

Write to Survive: an Interview with James Claffey

The writings of James Claffey are, each one of them, akin to strong shots of Jameson. You feel them going down as you read. You feel them ensnare you once they hit the gut, sometimes warming you, sometimes not, but they leave an impression, a sensation. And after each indulgence, your perspective will alter. You’ll […]

Best of the Net – Nominations

Dear friends and gentle hearts, This is Mike Joyce, your humble Editor-in-Chief. Today I would like to bring to your attention how great we here at Literary Orphans Press, are. And what better way to do this, than by highlighting 8 selected pieces, that we have nominated for Sundress Publications’ yearly “Best of the Net” […]